What Can You Do With An Art Degree?

What Can You Do With An Art Degree?

As a returning art student, one question you may frequently hear is, “What can you do with an art degree, anyway?”. In fact, you might even be wondering the answer to that question yourself. So what can you do with an art degree? Are there any jobs out there for art majors? Absolutely. Here are a few ideas:


Most people with an art degree probably don't dream of being trapped in an office all day, but some folks like the security and benefits that a job of this nature offers. If you have an art degree and want to work a traditional 9-5 gig, apply for a position in the marketing department. Your creative skills will most likely be utilized and appreciated in this area.


High school, elementary school, middle school...your options are unlimited when it comes to teaching art to students. Heck, you can even teach returning art students like yourself at the local college.


Yes, being an artist is a real job, and don't let anybody ever tell you otherwise. That picture in your living room? Somebody made it. Those photos in the doctor's office? An artist took those.


If you have an eye for art, you probably have a flair for decorating homes or offices. Put your skills to work as an interior decorator and help spread beauty all around town. Ugly wallpaper and boring generic paintings of forests and oceans? Not if you have anything to say about it.

Do you have career ideas not mentioned in this article?  Feel free to share them below.